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Docket No. 17-134
Advisory opinion request regarding whether Edward Theriot, as the interim Parish President for Plaquemines Parish, is prohibited from returning to his prior position as Director of Administration, after the newly elected Parish President is sworn into office.
Edward Theriot had been employed as the Parish Director of Administration, an unclassified position, since January 2015. Following the death of Parish President Amos Cormier, Jr., Mr. Theriot was chosen to serve as the interim Parish President by a majority vote of the Parish Council on June 21, 2016 (Resolution #16-195). Finally, the newly elected Parish President has asked that, after he is sworn into office, Mr. Theriot continue his employment with the Parish as the Parish Director of Administration.
La. R.S. 42:1121A(1) prohibits a former elected official, for a period of two years following the termination of his public service as an elected public official serving in such agency, from assisting another person, for compensation, in a transaction, or in an appearance in connection with a transaction, involving that agency or rendering any service on a contractual basis to or for such agency.
Adopt the proposed advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Haley Williams
2017-134 AOR
2017-134 - Proposed Advisory Opinion