Agenda Item
Docket No. 17-181
Advisory opinion request regarding whether the Code of Ethics would prohibit Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) employee Jessica Hargrave from serving as a Graduate Assistant for McNeese State University and wearing an air monitor during her work hours while employed with DEQ.
Ms. Hargrave stated that she is currently employed as an Environmental Scientist II for DEQ. Ms. Hargrave's current position involves ambient air assessment in the southwest regional parts of Louisiana. Ms. Hargrave provided that she has been offered a position as a Graduate Assistant working for Dr. Bruce Wymann at McNeese State University. She stated that she would be compensated by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. As part of Ms. Hargrave's duties, she would be required to wear an air quality monitoring system while traveling for DEQ. The purpose of the grant is to study the air quality after extensive industrial expansion
Adopt draft advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Suzanne Mooney
2017-181- Draft Opinion (2)
2017-181 AOR