Agenda Item
Docket No. 17-204
Advisory opinion request by Kelly P. Tate regarding whether she may serve as a Magistrate for the Town of Mamou while she is employed on a part-time basis as an Assistant District Attorney with the Evangeline Parish District Attorney's Office.
If Ms. Tate was appointed to the Magsitrate position, it would be based on the recommendation of the mayor of Mamou and through a vote of the Mamou City Council. As a part-time Assistant District Attorney, she does not represent the State of Louisiana in the Mayor's Court. Further, only violations of the municipal ordinances of the Town of Mamou are heard in the Mayor's Court. The Magistrate position is a part-time position as well.
La. R.S. 42:1111A(1) provides that no public servant shall receive anything of economic value, other than compensation and benefits from the governmental entity to which he is duly entitled, for the performance of the duties and responsibilities of his office or position.
Adopt proposed advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Brett Robinson
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