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Docket No. 17-449
Advisory opinion by Clifton T. Speed, counsel for the Town of Greensburg, St. Helena Parish, regarding whether Annie Ficklin may be employed as the Town Clerk in Greensburg.
Annie Ficklin currently serves as the Town Clerk after being appointed to the position on September 22, 2016. Neither Greensburg Mayor Paula McNabb nor any of the Greensburg Board of Aldermen are considered immediate family members of Annie Ficklin. Amanda Ficklin Mixon serves as a Greensburg Alderwoman; and, she is the first cousin of Annie Ficklin's husband.
La. R.S. 42:1102(13) provides that "immediate family" as the term relates to a public servant means his children, the spouses of his children, his brothers and their spouses, his sisters and their spouses, his parents, his spouse, and the parents of his spouse.

La. R.S. 42:1119B(1) provides that no member of the immediate family of a member of a governing authority or the chief executive of a governmental entity shall be employed by the governmental entity.

Adopt proposed opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Brett Robinson
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