Agenda Item
Docket No. 17-861
Request to waive the $100 late fee assessed against Niko Imbraguglio for the late filing of the May 2017 Lobbying Expenditure Report.
Mr. Imbraguglio states at the beginning of this year, he unsuccessfully ran for Executive Director of the Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild. In his campaign for this position, he states he spent countless hours working tirelessly to convince his hopeful constituents that he would find amicable and effective solutions with the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control and pave the way for growth in the local industry for years to come. At some point in that process, it was suggested that he register as a lobbyist. So he did, paying the fees out his own pocket with money that he made bartending. He registered himself under an LLC he created, as he stated he had nothing else to associate with and was unfamiliar with the process and profession of lobbying. Despite his best effort, he states he was not elected to the position, and now, he is currently experiencing financial hardship, as the bar he was bartending at has cut shifts due to painfully slow summer months. However, he states he still dreams that he may one day have the honor of helping his community by facilitating economic growth in the Louisiana craft beer industry if the position ever opens again and decided to not forfeit his registration for a lobbyist.

Mr. Imbraguglio states before learning otherwise, he was under two assumptions: 1) Expenditure Reports were only due quarterly and 2) Expenditure Reports were not required unless there was any expenditure to report. Preemptively, he states he completed his first report and then thought he was covered. Thus, upon his receiving an email notifying him of (1) day delinquency, he states he immediately (see attached email) dated June 27,2017, responded asking for clarification that he was not receiving the notice as a clerical error. He states he did not get a response until the following day, when his understanding was affirmed to be factually incorrect. He states he immediately logged into his online account, filed and finalized his no-expenditure expenditure report and sent an email explaining his situation and requested a waiver. Several days later, he states he received a phone call from a member of the State of Louisiana Board of Ethics requesting an address where someone could receive a letter for him. He states he provided an appropriate mailing address, but then the letter was never delivered, despite someone there waiting for it every day thereafter. On July 14, 2017, he states he voluntarily requested clarification on its delivery and received the letter via email shortly afterward. All of this considered, he prays for mercy from the Board of Ethics to grant him this waiver.

REPORT: May 2017 Lobbying Expenditure Report

REPORT DUE: June 26, 2017

REPORT FILED: June 28, 2017






La R.S. 24:55 provides that registered lobbyist shall file a monthly expenditure report by the 25th day of the subsequent month.

Waive the fine.

Assigned Attorney: Kathleen Allen
2017-861 Waiver Request