Agenda Item
Docket No. 17-882
Request to waive the $700 late fee assessed against Karla Loeb for her late registration as a Legislative/Executive/Local lobbyist.
Ms. Loeb was a registered lobbyist in 2015. She did not register in 2016. On July 10, 2017, she registered as a local/legislative/executive branch lobbyist.

Ms. Loeb states that on June 1, 2017 she took steps to start her own company, Loeb Clean Energy Consulting, LLC. She stated that the Secretary of State paperwork was not approved until June 21st. On July 10th, she states she registered as a lobbyist in Louisiana on behalf of CLEAResult. During the lobbying registration process, she stated that she was very confused about the dates to include, so she made them as inclusive as possible, but that the dates do not accurately reflect her lobbying services and actions. She states that her contract with CLEAResult was not finalized until June 23rd; however, she mistakenly entered June 21st. She states that her first order of business as a representative of CLEAResult began on July 6th when she reached out to two public service commissioners. Ms. Loeb states that as a brand new business owner, she cannot afford to pay the late fee.

REPORT: Registration Report

REPORT DUE: June 26, 2017

REPORT FILED: July 10, 2017




OTHER LATE FILINGS: 1) Dec 2015- Paid $300; 2) Aug 2015 - Paid $150; and, 3) May 2015 - Paid $250

REGISTERED BRANCHES: Local/Legislative/Executive


R.S. 49:74A provides that "[e]ach lobbyist shall register with the ethics board as soon as possible after employment as a lobbyist or after the first action requiring his registration as a lobbyist, whichever occurs first, and in any event not later than five days after employment as a lobbyist or not later than five days after the first action requiring his registration as a lobbyist, whichever occurs first."

La. R.S. 49:78D(1)(a) Any person required to register and who fails to timely register and any person who fails to timely file any report required by this Part shall be assessed, pursuant to R.S. 42:1157, a late fee of fifty dollars per day.

Decline to waive the late fee.
Assigned Attorney: Kathleen Allen
2017-882 Waiver Request