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Docket No. 17-981
Advisory opinion request from Westwego Mayor Joe Peoples regarding whether the Code of Governmental Ethics would prohibit him from hiring Doyle Guidroz as the City Electrical Inspector if the city intends to use Mr. Guidroz's business, Sparky's Electrical, to perform electrical work for the city.
Mayor Peoples provided that Mr. Guidroz would be part of the Code Enforcement Department. Additionally, he stated that Mr. Guidroz, as the City Electrical Inspector, would not be called on to inspect any electrical work performed by Sparky's Electrical. the Mayor stated that if the situation were to arise where Sparky's Electrical needed an inspection of electrical work within the city limits of Westwego, the City of Gretna Electrical Inspector has agreed to provide those services. Sparky's Electrical would apply directly with the City of Gretna. Further, he provided that the Code Enforcement Department has never entered a contract with Sparky's Electrical.
La. R.S. 42:1113A prohibits a public servant or a member of such public servant's immediate family or a legal entity in which he has controlling interest from bidding on or entering into any contract, subcontract or other transaction that is under the supervision or jurisdiction of the public servant's agency.
Adopt draft advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Suzanne Mooney
2017-981- Draft Opinion (3)
2017-981 AOR