Agenda Item
Docket No. 13-1479
Consent Order regarding Jeff Edgecombe and Edgecombe Construction receiving prohibited compensation from Deep Delta Houseboats.
Mr. Edgecombe has executed the consent opinion and is current on his payment plan for the $15,000 civil penalty.
La. R.S. 42:1111C(2)(d) No public servant and no legal entity in which the public servant exercises control or owns an interest in excess of twenty five percent, shall receive anything of economic value for or in consideration of services rendered, or to be rendered, to or for any person during his public service unless such services are neither performed for nor compensated by any person from whom such public servant would be prohibited by R.S. 42:1115(A)(1) or (B) from receiving a gift. La. R.S. 42:1115A.(1) No public employee shall solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, any thing of economic value as a gift or gratuity form any person or from any officer, director, agent, or employee of such person, if such public employees knows that such person has or is seeking to obtain a business or financial relationship with the public servants agency.

Adopt and publish. Dismiss charges.
Assigned Attorney: Suzanne Mooney
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