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Docket No. 17-1174
Disqualification plan regarding the employment of George Alamond at North Caddo Medical Center while his wife, Connie Alamond, serves as Director of Emergency Services of North Caddo Medical Center.
Connie Alamond was hired as a Paramedic by the North Caddo Medical Center in 1999. Her husband, George Alamond, was hired as a Paramedic the next year working in the same capacity. In 2013, Connie Alamond was promoted to Director of Emergency Services of North Caddo Medical Center.

A disqualification plan was submitted on behalf of North Caddo Medical Center, George Alamond and Connie Alamond. Under the proposed plan, Pamela Hughes, Chief Operating Officer, will have all supervisory duties and authority as to any matters affecting George Alamond's employment, including but not limited to salary determinations, observations, evaluations, discipline, termination, teaching responsibilities and assignment. Connie Alamond will be disqualified from having supervisory and managerial authority over George Alamond and will have no input into decisions regarding his retention, salary, discipline or any matters related to his employment at North Caddo Medical Center.

La. R.S. 42:1112B(1) states that no public servant shall participate in a transaction involving the governmental entity in which, to his actual knowledge, any member of his immediate family has a substantial economic interest.
Approve the disqualification plan.
Assigned Attorney: Jennifer Land
2017-1174 Disqualification Plan
2017-1174 Disqualification Plan Request