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Docket No. 19-348
Advisory opinion request and request for approval of disclosure plan regarding the Town of Church Point doing business with Daigle's Hardware which is owned by the newly-elected mayor, Ryan Meche.
The Town of Church Point is a Lawrason Act municipality in Acadia Parish with a population of 4,560 according to the 2010 federal census. Ryan Meche was sworn into office in January 2019 to serve his first term as the Mayor of Church Point. Ryan Meche is the sole owner of Daigle's Hardware. Prior to Ryan Meche being elected as Mayor, the Town of Church Point transacted business on a regular basis with Daigle's Hardware for many years. However, the Town of Church Point has not transacted any business with Daigle's Hardware since Ryan Meche took office in January 2019.

The Town of Church Point would like to resume conducting business with Daigle's Hardware, subject to a plan which would recuse Ryan Meche from acting in his governmental capacity in all matters of business between the Town of Church Point and Daigle's Hardware. The plan acknowledges the affidavit requirements under La. 42:1123(22) and states that all transactions between the Town of Church Point and Daigle's Hardware shall be handled by town employees with Ryan Meche being in no way involved. The Town Clerk for the Town of Church Point will file the required quarterly affidavits in January, April, July and October in a timely manner.

La. R.S. 42:1123(22)(a) provides an exception to La. R.S. 42:1113A(1) to allow a mayor or member of a governing authority with a population of five thousand or less, or legal entity in which the mayor has a controlling interest, to enter into any transaction that is under the supervision or jurisdiction of the municipality. However, La. R.S. 42:1123(22)(b) requires that the municipality submit a plan to the Board of Ethics prior to the municipality entering into any transactions with the immediate family member's legal entity.
Approve the proposed advisory opinion and disclosure plan.
Assigned Attorney: Jennifer Land
2019-348 Draft Advisory Opinion (2)
2019-348 Request for opinion