Agenda Item
Docket No. 19-377
Consent opinion regarding misappropriation of funds by Brandon Lewis, a former employee of the Caddo Parish School Board.
Brandon Lewis violated Sections 1111A and 1112A by using Caddo Parish School Board vendor accounts and a purchasing card that he had been issued to make unauthorized charges for his personal gain.

The Board agreed to resolve the matter with Brandon Lewis by allowing him to sign a consent opinion for violations of Sections 1111A and 1112A assessing a suspended penalty of $159, 683.73 based on the repayment of his ordered restitution.

La. R.S. 42:1111A prohibits a public employee from receiving anything of economic value other than compensation and benefits from the governmental entity to which he is duly entitled for the performance of the duties and responsibilities of his office or position.

La. R.S. 42:1112A prohibits a public servant from participating in a transaction involving his governmental entity in which he has a substantial economic interest.

Adopt and publish the consent opinion.

Assigned Attorney: Jennifer Land
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