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Docket No. 19-1286
Advisory opinion request regarding the propriety of using campaign funds to purchase a truck bed cover for campaign use.
Mark Garber, Lafayette Parish Sheriff, owns a pick-up truck and would like to purchase a truck bed cover with campaign funds. The truck and its truck bed will be used during campaign fundraising and other canvassing activities throughout his term as Sheriff.

Sheriff Garber provided information that the truck bed cover is not easily removable, and he anticipates that there will be incidental personal use during the time that he owns the truck.

La. R.S. 18:1505.2I(1) provides on and after January 1, 1991, contributions received by a candidate or a political committee may be expended for any lawful purpose, but such funds shall not be used, loaned, or pledged by any person for any personal use unrelated to a political campaign, the holding of a public office or party position, or, in the case of a political committee, other than a candidate's principal campaign committee or subsidiary committee, the administrative costs or operating expenses of the political committee; except that excess campaign funds may be returned to contributors on a pro rata basis, given as a charitable contribution as provided in 26 USC 170(c), given to a charitable organization as defined in 26 USC 501(c)(3), expended in support of or in opposition to a proposition, political party, or candidacy of any person, or maintained in a segregated fund for use in future political campaigns or activity related to preparing for future candidacy to elective office. However, the use of campaign funds of a candidate or his principal or subsidiary committees to reimburse a candidate for expenses related to his political campaign or his holding of a public office or party position shall not be considered personal use by the candidate. If a candidate is required by state or federal law to pay taxes on the interest earned by campaign funds of the candidate or any political committee of the candidate, the candidate may use the interest on which such tax is paid for such purpose. A payment from campaign funds shall not be considered as having been spent for personal use when the funds are used to replace articles lost, stolen, or damaged in connection with the campaign.
To be discussed during meeting.
Assigned Attorney: Jennifer Land
2019-1286 Request for advisory opinion
2015-692: Advisory Opinion