Agenda Item
Docket No. 20-005
Advisory opinion request concerning the continued employment of Briton J. Myer with Clary, Suba & Neale while he serves as a Councilman for the City of Central.
Briton J. Myer is a Councilman for the City of Central and an associate attorney at a law firm in Baton Rouge, Clary, Suba & Neale. Mr. Myer is strictly an employee and does not have any ownership interest in the law firm. Recently, the senior partner and majority owner of Clary, Suba & Neale created Exmarx, LLC, a company designed to assist state and local governments in recovering funds stemming from damages to roadways and infrastructure caused by motor vehicle accidents. Mr. Myer has no ownership interest in Exmarx, LLC, nor does he perform any work on its behalf. Exmarx, LLC desires to contract with the City of Central to provide its claims identification, processing and administration services which will help increase collections from responsible parties and their insurers for damages caused by motor vehicle accidents on the roadways owned or maintained by the City of Central. The City of Central Council is tasked with passing the legislation required to effectuate a contract between the City of Central and Exmarx, LLC.

La. R.S. 1111C(2)(d) prohibits a public servant from receiving anything of economic value for services rendered to or for a person who has, or is seeking to obtain, a contractual, business, or financial relationship with the public servant's agency.
Adopt the proposed advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Jennifer Land
2020-005 Draft Advisory Opinion
2020-005 - Advisory Opinion Request Briton J. Myer