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Docket No. 20-215
Advisory opinion request regarding whether a member of the Shongaloo Water System and the North Webster Parish Industrial Board may wear campaign paraphernalia to board meetings showing support for a candidate and whether the board member may use the board's computers to complete his one hour ethics training.
Randy Sexton is a member of the Shongaloo Water System and the North Webster Parish Industrial Board. The Shongaloo Water System is a private company and not a public agency. The North Webster Parish Industrial District is a public board.

La. R.S. 42:1116B states that no public servant shall use the authority of his office or position, directly or indirectly, in a manner intended to compel or coerce any person or other public servant to engage in political activity. For the purposes of this Subsection, "political activity" means an effort to support or oppose the election of a candidate for political office in an election.

La. R.S. 42:1111A prohibits a public employee from receiving anything of economic value, other than compensation and benefits from the governmental entity to which he is duly entitled, for the performance of the duties and responsibilities of his office or position.

La. R.S. 42:1170A(3)(a)(i) Commencing on January 1, 2012, each public servant shall receive a minimum of one hour of education and training on the Code of Governmental Ethics during each year of his public employment or term of office as the case may be.
La.R.S. 42:1170 E(1) if the board discovers that a public servant has failed to complete the training required by this section, the board shall mail by certified mail a notice of noncompliance informing the person that the training required by this section shall be completed within thirty business days after receipt of the notice of noncompliance. The notice of noncompliance shall include a the deadline for completion of the training required by this Section. If the person completes the training prior to the deadline contained in the notice of noncompliance, no penalties shall be assessed against the public servant.

Adopt proposed advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Tracy Barker
2020-215 Rev Draft Opinion
2020-215 - Advisory Opinion Request Randy Sexton