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Docket No. 20-214
Advisory opinion as to whether Michael Sparks, Jr. may be employed with the Atchafalaya Basin Levee District in the Maintenance Department while his father, Michael Sparks, Sr. serves as the Levee Maintenance Superintendent.
Michael Sparks, Sr. is the Levee Maintenance Superintendent for the Atchafalaya Basin Levee District. He oversees the Foreman who oversee the maintenance workers. He supervises and distributes work assignments to all Foreman to be completed by the maintenance workers. He monitors the safety programs and holds safety meetings with the maintenance workers. He handles personnel problems. He makes evaluations and recommendations to the Levee Board Operations Superintendent. Mr. Sparks performs operational reports and periodic evaluation of new employees. Mr. Sparks, according to the Organizational Chart, reports to the Levee Board Operations Superintendent, who reports up the chain to the Assistant Executive Director, Executive Director and the Board. Mr. Sparks' son is seeking employment with the Maintenance Department. He would report to a Foreman under the supervision of his father.
La. R.S. 42:1119A states that no member of the immediate family of an agency head shall be employed in his agency.
La. R.S. 42:1112B(1) states that no public servant shall participate in a transaction involving the governmental entity in which, to his actual knowledge, any member of his immediate family has a substantial economic interest.
Adopt proposed advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Tracy Barker
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