Agenda Item
Docket No. 20-364
Request for advisory opinion as to whether the Executive Committee of the Imperial Calcasieu Regional Planning Commission may hire a former member as its Executive Director.
Avon Knowlton served as member of IMCAL Executive Committee with service ending February 29, 2020. IMCAL Executive Committee wants to hire her as the Executive Director.
La. R.S. 42:1121(A)(2) provides that no former member of a board or commission shall, for a period of two years following the termination of his public service on such board or commission, contract with, be employed in any capacity by, or be appointed to any position by that board or commission.

La. R.S. 33:134 grants regional planning commissions the authority to appoint such employees as it may deem necessary for its work, whose appointment, promotion, demotion, and removal shall be subject to the same general provisions as govern other corresponding civil employees of the parishes and municipalities cooperating to engage in regional planning.

Adopt proposed draft advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Charles Reeves
2020-364 draft advisory opinion
2020-364 - Advisory Opinion Request Brian M. Bradford