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Docket No. 20-362
Advisory opinion request from Dr. Vincent Culotta, the Executive Director of Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME), regarding whether the Code of Governmental Ethics would prohibit LSBME from entering into a contract with the law firm of Jones Walker while his son, Jason Culotta, is employed as an associate with Jones Walker.
Dr. Culotta provided that his son is not a partner in Jones Walker and does not have any ownership interest in Jones Walker. Further, he stated if LSMBE was to contact with the law firm of Jones Walker his son would not provide any services on any transaction with LSBME nor would he receive any compensation, salary or bonuses, derived from payments from LSMBE to Jones Walker.
La. R.S. 42:1113A prohibits a public servant, or a member of such public servant's immediate family, or a legal entity in which he has controlling interest, from bidding on or entering into any contract, subcontract or other transaction that is under the supervision or jurisdiction of the public servant's agency.

La. R.S. 42:1102(13) defines "immediate family" as including the public servant's children, the spouses of his children, his brothers and their spouses, his sisters and their spouses, his parents, his spouse, and the parents of his spouse.

La. R.S. 42:1114 provides that each public servant and each member of his immediate family who derives anything of economic value, directly, through any transaction involving the agency of such public servant or who derives anything of economic value of which he may be reasonably expected to know through a person which (1) is regulated by the agency of such public servant, or (2) has bid on or entered into or is in any way financially interested in any contract, subcontract, or any transaction under the supervision or jurisdiction of the agency of such public servant shall disclose certain information as set forth in Section 1114.

Adopt draft advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Suzanne Mooney
2020-362 Draft Advisory Opinion
2020-362 - Advisory Opinion Request Vincent A. Culotta Jr. MD