Agenda Item
Docket No. 19-769
A request for an advisory opinion, submitted by Tina Petry, regarding whether the Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics would prohibit Franklin Foundation Hospital Board of Commissioners member Dr. Roland Degeyter from participating in discussions and voting on the employment terms and conditions of Dr. Steven McPherson.
Dr. Degeyter is an internal medicine physician, who maintains a private practice in Franklin, Louisiana, and is also a member of the Board of Commissioners for Franklin Foundation Hospital ("FFH"). While Dr. Degeyter has admitting privileges to FFH, he is not an employee. Dr. Steven McPherson is also an internal medicine physician and is employed by FFH as a member of the medical staff. Dr. McPherson and Dr. Degeyter are the only two doctors in the area who specialize in internal medicine.
This matter was originally presented to the Board during the August meeting. A decision on the proposed advisory opinion was deferred in order for the previous assigned staff attorney to obtain additional information. However, prior to being able to obtain the additional information, the previously assigned staff attorney left the Louisiana Board of Ethics. This advisory opinion was requested by Tina Petry, the Compliance Officer at the Franklin Foundation Hospital.
Decline to render an advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: LaToya Jordan
2019-769 Request Opinion