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Docket No. 20-431
Advisory opinion request regarding whether Dr. Tregle, a paid employee of St. Mary Parish, may be appointed to serve on a board which is under the supervision of his agency. Further, whether Dr. Tregle is required to furnish the St. Mary Parish Council with financial, operational and employee information used for consolidation purposes upon request.
Mr. Adams stated that there is currently a position within the St. Mary Parish government identified as the Senior Policy Planning Analyst, that is occupied by Dr. Tim Tregle. Mr. Adams stated that Dr. Tregle reports to the Chief Administrative Officer. The position's duties include analyzing the operations and finances of all existing boards and commissions, for the purpose of costs savings and consolidation of the boards and commissions. Dr. Tregle is currently a member of Drainage Board District #2, which is in the process of being consolidated with Drainage Board District #6. The Consolidated Drainage Board #2A was created on April 22, 2020. Mr. Adams stated that Dr. Tregle has obtained financial reports, operational costs and various other items of information through his position within the St. Mary Parish Government and through his position as a board member of Drainage Board District #2.

Mr. Adams is currently accepting applications for the New Consolidated Drainage Board District #2A and that Dr. Tregle applied and was appointed as a member on the board. The members of the board are paid a per diem, but in the past, Dr. Tregle has chosen not to receive the per diem.

Mr. Adams stated that you are requesting this advisory opinion in your personal capacity and have not received authority from the council to seek the opinion on the council's behalf.

Title 52: 601A: The board shall receive requests for advisory opinions filed with it by affected persons. Requests for advisory opinions shall be in writing, state the name and address of the person requesting the advisory opinion, disclose his interest in the question presented, state the governmental agency and/or individual involved, specifically describe the transaction involved, be signed by the person making the request, and state sufficient facts to enable the board to respond. The board may decline to render an opinion with regard to any such request.
Decline to render an opinion based on lack of standing.
Assigned Attorney: Brandi Barze
2020-431- Advisory Opinion 2020-431 (2)
2020-431 - Advisory Opinion Request Dean S. Adams