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Docket No. 20-433
Advisory opinion regarding whether Thomas J. Hardaway Jr., son of District 1 Selectman for the Town of Homer, Linda Hardaway, may be hired in the position of Assistant Recreational Director.
Mayor Seals stated that Thomas Hardaway Jr. is the son of District 1 Selectman, Linda Hardaway. Mayor Seals stated that Mr. Hardaway has young children who have participated in the Town's programs and that he has served as a volunteer coach for the football program prior to his mother being elected as District 1 Selectman in 2018. Mayor Seals stated that if hired, Mr. Hardaway would answer primarily to the Recreation Director and secondarily, to him, as the Mayor of the Town of Homer. Mayor Seals stated that those are the only two people who would exercise oversight over Mr. Hardaway's job duties. Mr. Hardaway's initial placement in the position would be unsalaried due to budget cuts. It is unlikely that a salary will be provided this calendar year unless additional funding becomes available. Mayor Seals stated that he does not foresee funds becoming available for the position until the 2021 budget cycle. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and additional safeguards and procedures that must be implemented as the Town tries to provide recreational activities, additional personnel is essential to programmatic success and safety.
La. R.S. 42:1119B provides no member of the immediate family of a member of a governing authority or the chief executive of a governmental entity shall be employed by the governmental entity.

La. R.S. 42:1123(30) provides that a public servant, a legal entity in which he has a controlling interest, or a member of his immediate family may donate services, movable property, or funds to his agency.

Adopt proposed opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Brandi Barze
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2020-433 - Advisory Opinion Request Xanthe Y. Seals