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Docket No. 12-391
Emergency opinion concerning a company owned by Buddy Collins, who serves as a newly-elected member of the Grant Parish Police Jury, working for a company that has a non-exclusive franchise agreement with the parish.
Mr. Collins is a newly-elected member of the Grant Parish Police Jury. Mr. Collins owns a construction company that has done contract work for CLECO for over 20 years.
CLECO has had a standard non-exclusive franchise agreement with the parish, which is required of all public utilities that operate in the parish. The franchise agreement between CLECO and the parish grants CLECO the right, privilege and franchise to erect, construct, maintain and operate equipment for the distribution of electricity in the parish. The agreement requires parish approval to place and relocate equipment on public roads and public ways that are not part of the state highway system; and, that any expenses on the part of the parish with respect to such, shall be at the expense of CLECO.

Section 1111C(2)(d) of the Code prohibits a public servant from receiving a thing of economic value for services provided to a person that has or seeks a business, financial or contractual relationship with the public servant's agency.

Confirm the Emergency Opinion.

Assigned Attorney: Kathleen Allen
2012-391: Emergency Opinion
2012-391- Emergency Opinion Request