Agenda Item
Docket No. 12-1502
Request that the Board waive the $1,000 campaign finance late fees assessed against Brenda Romero, who participated in a recall of Chuck Kleckley, a candidate for State Representative, 36th District in the October 22, 2011 election, whose 45th day (after filing recall petition) campaign finance disclosure report was filed 56 days late.
In connection with her request for a waiver of the $1,000 late fee assessed for the late filing of a 45 day campaign finance report, Brenda Romero states that she misunderstood the filing requirements for filing the report. She further states that filing the recall petition was her first venture into anything related to politics. She simply did not understand that she was obligated to file a report within 45 days of filing the recall petition. When she began to hear murmurings that she should have filed a report, she contacted the Campaign Finance division for clarity. She spoke with staff, and was under the impression that if small amounts were collected from individuals, then she was under no obligation to report it at the moment. She maintains that staff answered all of her questions and did everything to help her understand, however, she obviously misunderstood. Ms. Romero maintains that it was not until when she saw a media report that claimed she failed to report in a timely fashion, that she knew she missed a deadline. She then found someone to assist her with filing the report. She ask that the Board either waive or further reduce the late fee.

ELECTION: October 22, 2011
TYPE OF REPORT: 45 day report



REPORT DUE: May 7, 2012

REPORT FILED: July 2, 2012

ACTIVITY REPORTED: $1,600 in receipts, $0 in disbursements, and $500 in funds on hand


18:1505.4.A(1) Any candidate, the treasurer or chairman of a political committee, or any other person required to file any reports under this Chapter, who knowingly fails to file or who knowingly fails to timely file any such reports as are required by this Chapter may be assessed a civil penalty as provided in R.S.42:1157 for each day until such report is filed.

Decline to waive.
Assigned Attorney: Aneatra Boykin
2012-1502- Waiver Request