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La. R.S. 42:1102(3) defines "Agency head" to mean the chief executive or administrative officer <br /> of an agency or any member of a board or commission who exercises supervision over the agency. <br /> La. R.S.42:1102(13) defines "Immediate family" as the term relates to a public servant to include <br /> her children. <br /> ANALYSIS&CONCLUSION <br /> As Director of Administration, Christie Nielsen's agency is the Administration Department of the <br /> Port District pursuant to La. R.S. 42:1102(2)(a)(vi). Since Ms. Nielsen supervises all aspects of <br /> the Administration Department as Director,she is an agency head pursuant to La. R.S.42:1102(3). <br /> Jordan Nielsen is the immediate family member of Christie Nielsen pursuant to La. R.S. <br /> 42:1102(13). As such, the Board concluded, and instructed me to inform you, that La. R.S. <br /> 42:1119(A) prohibits Jordan Nielsen, from being employed in her mother's agency, the Port <br /> District Department of Administration. <br /> This advisory opinion is based solely on the facts as set forth herein. Changes to the facts as <br /> presented may result in a different application of the provisions of the Code of Governmental <br /> Ethics. The Board issues no opinion as to past conduct and or to laws other than the Code of <br /> Governmental Ethics, the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act, the Lobbyist Disclosure Acts, and <br /> the conflict of interest provisions contained in the Louisiana Gaming Control Law. <br /> If you have any questions,please contact me at(800) 842-6630 or(225) 219-5600. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> LOUISIANA BOARD OFETHICS <br /> David M. Bordelon <br /> For the Board <br /> Page 2 of 2(BD 2023-428) <br />