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except: (a)the interest that the public servant has in his position, office, rank, salary,per diem, or <br /> other matter arising solely from his public employment or office; (b) the that an elected official <br /> who is elected to a house, body, or authority has in a position or office of such house, body, or <br /> authority which is required to be filled by a member of such house, body, or authority by law, <br /> legislative rule, or home rule charter, (c)the interest that a person has as a member of the general <br /> public. <br /> ANALYSIS <br /> The members of the Committee are appointed by the DDD. Their agency is the Committee, <br /> pursuant to La. R.S. 42:1102(2)(a). <br /> La. R.S. 42:1113B prohibits an appointed member of any board or commission, or any company <br /> in which they have a substantial economic interest,from bidding on or entering into any contract, <br /> subcontract or other transaction that is under the supervision orjurisdiction of the agency of such <br /> appointed member.To the extent that the subject of any proposed transactions with the DDD would <br /> be subject to review, regulation, or approval of the Committee, the Committee member is <br /> prohibited from entering into such transaction. <br /> CONCLUSION <br /> The Board concluded, and instructed me to inform you, that the Code of Governmental Ethics <br /> prohibits members of the Committee from entering into transactions with the DDD to the extent <br /> that such transactions are under the supervision or jurisdiction of the Committee. <br /> Changes to the facts as presented may result in a different application of the provisions of the <br /> Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics. The Board issues no opinion as to past conduct or as to <br /> laws other than the Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics, the Campaign Finance Disclosure <br /> Act,the Lobbyist Disclosure Acts,and the conflict of interest provisions contained in the Louisiana <br /> Gaming Control Law. If you have any questions, please contact me at (800) 842-6630 or (225) <br /> 219-5600. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> LOUISI NA BOARD OF ETHICS <br /> Charles E. Reeves,Jr. <br /> For the Board <br /> Page 2 of 2 (BD 2023-334) <br />