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Ethics Board Docket No.2022-051 <br /> Page 2 of 8 <br /> 2. <br /> The BOE is authorized to offer a Consent Opinion to Anne "Beth" Jones by virtue of <br /> Section 1141C(3)(f)of the Ethics Code. <br /> III. <br /> FINDINGS OF FACT: <br /> 3. <br /> The Livingston Parish School Board voted on May 21, 2015 to approve Superintendent <br /> John Watson's recommendation to appoint Anne"Beth"Jones ("Ms. Jones") as principal of Live <br /> Oak High School. <br /> 4. <br /> Kellee Hennessy Dickerson ("Ms. Dickerson") is a Livingston Parish School Board <br /> member who has represented District 2 continuously since she was sworn in on January 6,2011. <br /> Her current term expires December 31, 2026. <br /> 5. <br /> On or around July 16, 2001, the Livingston Parish School Board ("School Board")hired <br /> Billy Doiron("Mr. Doiron")as a vocational education agriculture teacher at Live Oak High School <br /> ("LOHS"). <br /> 6. <br /> On or around August 8,2019,Mr. Doiron submitted an invoice to LOHS in the amount of <br /> $3,000.00 for services he rendered when he laid a clay foundation on the campus for a storage <br /> building tobe built.Mr. Doiron is on the Livingston Parish School Board's Approved VendorList. <br /> 7. <br />