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STATE OF LOUISIANA <br /> �oF Lopes, DEPARTMENT OF STATE CIVIL SERVICE <br /> LOUISIANA BOARD OF ETHICS <br /> P.O.BOX 4368 <br /> BATON ROUGE,LA 70821 <br /> °O+•° e (225)219-5600 <br /> FAX:(225)381-7271 <br /> 1-800-842-6630 <br /> www.ethics.state.la.us <br /> February 8, 2022 <br /> R. Gray Sexton <br /> Law Offices of R. Gray Sexton <br /> 8680 Bluebonnet Boulevard, Suite D <br /> Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810 <br /> Re: Docket No. 2022-014B <br /> Advisory Opinion <br /> Dear Mr. Sexton, <br /> The Louisiana Board of Ethics, at its meeting on February 4, 2022, considered your request for an <br /> advisory opinion on behalf of Entergy Louisiana, LLC, Exxon Mobil Corporation, and Georgia- <br /> Pacific Port Hudson LLC as to the prohibitions imposed by the Code of Governmental Ethics <br /> ("Code") on employees who may be appointed as members of the Capital Area Groundwater <br /> Conservation District Board of Commissioners in the future. <br /> FACTS PROVIDED <br /> The Capital Area Groundwater Conservation District ("District") was created by the Louisiana <br /> Legislature through Act No. 678 of 1974 to provide for the efficient administration, conservation, <br /> orderly development, and supplementation of groundwater resources by the establishment of a <br /> groundwater conservation district composed of the parishes of Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East <br /> Feliciana, Pointe Coupee, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana. La. R.S. 38:3071. The District <br /> is governed by a Board of Commissioners ("District Board") that administers the affairs of the <br /> District. La. R.S. 38:3072B. The District Board has the authority to do all things necessary to <br /> prevent waste of groundwater resources, and to prevent or alleviate damaging or potentially <br /> damaging subsidence of the land surface caused by withdrawal of groundwater within the District, <br /> to assess pumping charges against each user of groundwater within the District. La.R.S. 38:3076A. <br /> The District Board accomplishes this task by holding hearings,requiring permits and registrations, <br /> establishing standards for construction and use of wells,assessing pumping charges,and enforcing <br /> reasonable rules and regulations. See La. R.S. 38:3076 and La. Admin. Code Title 56 §V-101 - <br /> 1113. Pursuant to La. R.S. 38:3074, District Board members are appointed by the governor and <br /> confirmed by the Senate, in pertinent part as follows: <br /> (2) Three members shall be appointed from nominations by the industrial users in <br /> the District. <br /> Page 1 of 5 (BD 2022-014B) <br /> AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER <br />