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Ethics Board Docket No.2022-051 <br /> Page 4 of 8 <br /> The proper source of funding to pay for the tree removal were revenues generated by <br /> certain taxes approved by voters parish wide and dedicated to the maintenance of school buildings <br /> and upkeep of school grounds, referred to as "District Funds". At all times relevant to this <br /> investigation, Ms. Dickerson oversaw Live Oak District Funds.The authority to hire the vendor to <br /> remove the trees rested with Ms. Dickerson. <br /> 13. <br /> On August 13, 2020, Ms. Dickerson sent an e-mail to Ms. Jones, Principal of LOHS, <br /> Kimberly Stewart,Business Manager for the School Board,and Denee Aydell, an assistant in the <br /> School Board Business Department In relevant part it stated:"I have approved the removal of a <br /> series of smaller trees and wooded debris to be removed alongside the sports complex at Live Oak <br /> High School. This has been causing a standing water issue and the irrigation system we have in <br /> place is not working due to the tree line. Billy Doiron is spear heading this project and we will <br /> outsource the tree removal. I will be in touch with total approved invoicing for this matter." <br /> 14. <br /> On or around August 18, 2020, Mr. Doiron submitted an invoice to the LOHS secretary <br /> requesting payment in the amount of$30,500.00 for the removal of the tree line on the LOHS <br /> campus and $650 for removal of an oak tree on South Live Oak Elementary School's campus. <br /> 15. <br /> On or around August 18, 2020, LOHS issued check number 10821 to Mr. Doiron in the <br /> amount of$31,150.00. Ms. Jones signed the check. Ms. Jones paid the amounts to Mr. Doiron <br /> using LOHS funds,with the acknowledged agreement that the Livingston Parish School Board <br /> had agreed to reimburse LOHS for Mr. Doiron's services as confirmed in Ms. Dickerson's email <br /> to the Livingston Parish School Board's Central Office <br />