Agenda Item
Docket No. 21-351
Advisory Opinion request from Rachel Bertrand regarding participation by a drainage district board member.
The advisory opinion poses three questions:

(1) Is it ethical for a member and/or an officer of a drainage board to be included in an executive session during a drainage board meeting when his own property is involved in the matter discussed?

(2.) Is it ethical for a member and/or an officer of a drainage board to vote on issues that pertained to his own property during regular meetings and/or executive sessions?

(3). When the property line is located on the center line of a drainage ditch, is it ethical for a drainage board to continually burden one owner of one side of the ditch to perform maintenance when the other side is equally accessible?

This request was received from Rep. John Stefanski's office. When I contacted them for more information, I was informed that they had no information about the substance of the request. Rep. Stefanski was contacted by Ms. Bertrand, who believed that the request had to go through his office. I advised Rep. Stefanski's assistant that we would contact Ms. Bertrand directly.
Decline to render an advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: David Bordelon
2021-351 - Advisory Opinion Request - Rachel Bertrand