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Docket No. 23-514
PFD Answer submitted by Sibil Richardson, candidate for State Representative / 93rd Representative District in the February 18, 2023 election, in response to a NOD-Amend requesting she amend her 2022 Tier 2 Candidate PFD.
Sibil Richardson received a NOD-Amend requesting that she amend her 2022 Tier 2 Candidate PFD to properly disclose a liability. Ms. Richardson, in her individual capacity as a personal guarantor to a loan, and her company, Rich Works, LLC, were sued for defaulting on a loan. A judgment was rendered against Ms. Richardson as the guarantor of the loan. It was a final and outstanding judgment in 2022 in the amount of $81,532.30. This was a foreign judgment filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court to make it executory. Orleans Civil District Court rendered judgment on February 22, 2022 against Sibil Richardson making the foreign judgment executory.
La. R.S. 42:1124.2C(9) The name and address of each creditor, and name of each guarantor, if any, to whom the individual or spouse owes any liability which exceeds ten thousand dollars on the last day of the reporting period excluding:
(a) Any loan secured by movable property, if such loan does not exceed the purchase price of the movable property which secures it.
(b) Any liability, secured or unsecured, which is guaranteed by the individual or spouse for a business in which the individual or spouse owns any interest, provided that the liability is in the name of the business and, if the liability is a loan, that the individual or spouse does not use proceeds from the loan for personal use unrelated to the business.
(c) Any loan by a licensed financial institution which loans money in the ordinary course of business.
(d) Any liability resulting from a consumer credit transaction as defined in R.S. 9:3516(13).
(e) Any loan from an immediate family member, unless such family member is a registered lobbyist, or his principal or employer is a registered lobbyist, or he employs or is a principal of a registered lobbyist, or unless such family member has a contract with the state.
Advise Ms. Richardson she is required to disclose the liability on Schedule L of her 2022 Tier 2 Candidate PFD within 7 days of receipt of the notice responding to her PFD Answer.
Assigned Attorney: Tracy Barker
2023-514 - PFD Answer