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Docket No. 23-668
Advisory opinion as to whether the Code of Governmental Ethics would prohibit the advancement of a substitute employee (substitute teacher, substitute bus driver, substitute paraprofessional) to a full-time permanent support paraprofessional position with the Beauregard Parish School Board ("School Board") while the employee's husband serves as a member of the School Board.
Jennifer Sandifer has been employed with the School Board as a substitute teacher, substitute bus driver and substitute paraprofessional since August 2015, with no lapse in employment. Ms. Sandifer is currently seeking a full-time permanent support paraprofessional position with the School Board. Mr. Sandifer was elected to the School Board in the November 8, 2022 election. He took office on January 1, 2023.

In Docket No. 2022-811, the Board issued an Advisory Opinion to Jennifer Sandifer advising that she could accept a position as Secretary/Clerk with Singer High School since she would have been employed for more than one year prior to her husband's election to the School Board.

La. R.S. 42:1119A provides that no member of the immediate family of an agency head shall be employed in his agency.

La. R.S.42:1102 (13) defines "immediate family" as the term relates to a public servant as his children, the spouses of his children, his brothers and their spouses, his sisters and their spouses, his parents, his spouse, and the parents of his spouse.

La. R.S. 42:1119C(2) provides that the provisions of this Section shall not prohibit the continued employment of any public employee nor shall it be construed to hinder, alter, or in any way affect normal promotional advancements for such public employee where a member of public employees' immediate family becomes the agency head of such public employee's agency, provided that such public employee has been employed in the agency for a period of at least one year prior to the member of the public employee's immediate family becoming the agency head.

Adopted proposed advisory opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Tracy Barker
2023-668 - AO
2022-811: Advisory Opinion
2023-668 - Advisory Opinion Draft -Crain