Agenda Item
Docket No. 24-032
Request that the Board waive the $1,000, $520 & $240 campaign finance late fees ($1,760 total) assessed against Samuel Pearce, a successful candidate for Police Juror, District 8, Avoyelles Parish in the October 14, 2023 election, whose 30-P, 10-P and 10-G campaign finance disclosure reports were filed 61, 13 & 6 days late, respectively.
Samuel "Sam" Pearce requests a waiver and states the following: He was advised by a Clerk of Court representative to contact the BOE about his first report. He was told he didn't need to file unless his expenses exceeded $2,500. At that time, he didn't have any expenses. He realized he may have had expenses when he received his credit card bill. His report showed the dates of service instead of the payment dates. Please waive the assessed late fee.
ELECTION: October 14, 2023

TYPES OF REPORT: 30-P, 10-G & 10-G

DAYS LATE: 61, 13 & 6

ASSESSED FEE: $1,000, $520 & $240

REPORTS DUE: October 11, 2022; October 30, 2022 & November 30, 2023 REPORTS FILED: November 14, 2023; October 17, 2023 & November 14, 2023
ACTIVITY REPORT: 30-P: $3100 in Receipts; $2544.57 in Expenditures; $555.43 Funds at the Close of Reporting Period.

10-P: $5,100.00 in Receipts; $5,062.04 in Expenditures; 37.96 Funds at Close of Reporting Period

10-G: $1,254.96 in Receipts; $1,217.50 in Expenditures; $37.96 Funds at Close of Reporting Period


18:1505.4.A(1) Any candidate, the treasurer or chairman of a political committee, or any other person required to file any reports under this Chapter, who knowingly fails to file or who knowingly fails to timely file any such reports as are required by this Chapter may be assessed a civil penalty for each day until such report is filed.

Decline to waive.

Assigned Attorney: Charles Reeves
2024-032 - CF Waiver 30-P 10-P _ 10-G