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Docket No. 24-266
Advisory opinion request from Perry Stagg, former Office of Juvenile Justice Assistant Secretary and current WAE employee at Dixon Correctional Institute, regarding post-employment and outside employment issues.
Perry Stagg retired from employment with the State of Louisiana on May 14, 2022. In his final two years before retirement, Mr. Stagg served as the Assistant Secretary of the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice. His responsibilities were limited to oversight of secure facilities and probation and parole. In August 2023, Mr. Stagg began part-time work as a WAE employee with the Department of Corrections at Dixon Correctional Institute, an adult facility. He works in the Investigations Department and assists with internal investigations.

Mr. Stagg would like to enter into a contractual relationship with the Office of Juvenile Justice to provide consulting services on general security policy and operations at secure facilities state-wide, assist in developing and implementing security protocol and programming needs for older youth offenders, and spend time with and advise the directors of the secure facilities in the State.

Mr. Stagg asks (1) whether he may enter into a consulting services contractual relationship with the Office of Juvenile Justice on or after May 15, 2024, and (2) whether he may continue working as a WAE employee at Dixon Correctional Institute while contracting with the Office of Juvenile Justice?

La. R.S. 42:1121B(1) provides that no former public employee shall, for a period of two years following termination of his public employment, render, any service which such former public employee had rendered to the agency during the term of his public employment on a contractual basis, regardless of the parties to the contract, to, for, or on behalf of the agency with which he was formerly employed.

La. R.S. 42:1121E provides that the termination of public employment or service means the termination of employment with the agency which employed the public employee when he participated in the transaction.

La. R.S. 42:1113A(1)(a) provides that no public servant…or member of such a public servant's immediate family, or legal entity in which he has a controlling interest shall bid on or enter into any contract, subcontract, or other transaction that is under the supervision or jurisdiction of the agency of such public servant.

Adopt the proposed Advisory Opinion.
Assigned Attorney: Jessica Meiners
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