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STATE OF LOUISIANA <br /> pF LOUu DEPARTMENT OF STATE CIVIL SERVICE <br /> LOUISIANA BOARD OF ETHICS <br /> > P ROUGELA <br /> 0 BOX4 <br /> BATON ROUGE LA 70821 <br /> (225)219 5600 <br /> FAX 01-]2]1 <br /> 1-80000 842 <br /> -842-6630 <br /> www.e�M1las.le.gw <br /> July 10, 2023 <br /> John Schweitzer <br /> 7363 Harrel Drive <br /> Zachary, Louisiana 70791 <br /> Re: Docket No. 2023-207 <br /> Advisory Opinion <br /> Dear Mr. Schweitzer: <br /> The Louisiana Board of Ethics, at its meeting on July 7, 2023, considered your request for an <br /> advisory opinion as to whether the Code of Governmental Ethics ("Code") prohibits you from <br /> providing services to Louisiana Rehabilitation Services following your retirement. <br /> FACTSPROVIDED <br /> Louisiana Rehabilitation Services ("LRS"), within the Louisiana Workforce Commission, assists <br /> persons with disabilities in their desire to obtain, maintain, or advance in competitive integrated <br /> employment and achieve independence in their communities by providing rehabilitation services <br /> and working cooperatively with business and other community resources. You were employed as <br /> a Coordinator, in the Assistive Technology Program, within the Bureau of Community <br /> Rehabilitation Program/Employment Development of LRS. Your supervisor was Kandy Baker, <br /> Bureau Administrator. You also reported to LRS Director Melissa Bayham. You retired on <br /> November 1, 2022. <br /> While employed by LRS, your job duties included providing technical advice regarding the <br /> efficacy of simple and more complex modifications for increased independence of disabled <br /> individuals. These duties included overseeing the assessment,evaluation,acquisition,and training <br /> for assistive technology such as manual and powered wheelchairs and mobility systems, vehicle <br /> modifications for adaptive driving, home modifications for independence, job accommodations <br /> and prosthetics and orthotics.You did not have approval authority for the funding of any projects. <br /> You are now interested in becoming a private vendor to LRS and be reimbursed for providing <br /> direct assistance to disabled individuals who are seeking employment,or wish to continue working <br /> with a disability. You ask whether the Code prohibits you from providing such services. <br /> LAW <br /> La.R.S.42:1121(B)(1): No former public employee shall,for a period of two years following the <br /> termination of his public employment,assist another person,for compensation, in a transaction,or <br /> in an appearance in connection with a transaction in which such former public employee <br /> Page 1 of 3 (BD 2023-207) <br /> AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER <br />