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Ethics Board Docket No.2022-250 <br /> Page 8 of 8 <br /> CONSENT <br /> As evidenced by his signature below, Dan Ford knowingly and of his own free will (a) <br /> stipulates and agrees that the violations are factually supported by the stated facts herein; (b)does <br /> not contest that he violated La. R.S. 42:1113A; (c) acknowledges that upon his signature being <br /> axed to this Consent Opinion, this document will be available to the public as a public record; <br /> (d) agrees that this order and decree is final, and waives his right of appeal to the findings and <br /> actions taken in this Consent Opinion;and,(e)agrees to comply with the conditions and orders set <br /> forth in this Consent Opinion. <br /> APPROVED AND AGREED AS TO FOtM ANBD CONTENT BEFORE ME, the <br /> undersigned Notary Public, in the Parish of O , State of <br /> Louisiana, personally came and appeared Dan Ford, who executed this document in the presence <br /> of the undersigned competent witnesses, after a due reading of the whole, this ��C'�'r` day of <br /> 2023. <br /> By: — <br /> Dan Ford <br /> WITNESSES: <br /> --L— � R — <br /> Printed Name: <br /> l� <br /> Printed Name: I Ph <br /> Notary Pubfie <br /> Printed Name: Eieisha M.Lechman <br /> Notary Public No.or Bar Roll Nrry Public,wish Of e sleF <br /> Commission expires: my commission Is For Life <br />