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BD No. 2004 -786 <br /> • Page2of3 <br /> The Board is authorized to impose fines upon finding that violations of the Code have occurred. In <br /> this particular situation, given the facts outlined above, along with the fact that Eugene LeJeune fully <br /> cooperated with the Board during the course of the investigation, it is the conclusion of the Board <br /> that the interest of the public would be served by the imposition of a $1,000 civil penalty, with $250 <br /> of it suspended conditioned upon Mr. LeJeune's future compliance with the Code of Governmental <br /> Ethics. <br /> Mr. LeJeune accepts the factual findings and conclusions of the Board as is reflected in the executed <br /> consent page included in this consent letter. <br /> By Order of the Board this 8 th day of June 2006. <br /> s /Robert L. Roland s /Hank Perret <br /> Robert L. Roland, Chairman Henry C. Perret, Jr., Vice - Chairman <br /> s /Dr. Herbert V. Baptiste, Sr. s /John W. Greene <br /> • Dr. Herbert V. Baptiste, Sr. Judge John W. Greene <br /> Absent and did not participate. s /Gwendolyn P. Hamilton <br /> Judge E. L. Guidry, Jr. Gwendolyn P. Hamilton <br /> s /R. L. Hargrove, Jr. s /Michael T. Johnson <br /> R. L. Hargrove, Jr. Michael T. Johnson <br /> s /Joseph Maselli Absent and did not participate. <br /> Joseph Maselli Ascension Delgado Smith <br /> s /Dolores Spikes <br /> Dr. Dolores Spikes <br /> • <br />