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- ETHICS BOARD <br /> OPINION NO. 90 -069 <br /> PAGE 2 <br /> 3. <br /> Gary Magee has been employed by the Bogalusa City <br /> School Board for several years. He was an applicant for the <br /> principalship of Bogalusa High School during the spring of 1990. <br /> The vacancy for this position was advertised, and Mr. Magee was <br /> one of three applicants. Interviews of all three candidates were <br /> conducted by an "interview committee" composed of the School Board <br /> Superintendent, Personnel Director, two principals, one Central <br /> Office Supervisor, and one parent. Each candidate was rated on a <br /> "rating sheet" by each member of the committee. Gary Magee <br /> received the highest number of points on the combined ratings of <br /> the candidates. <br /> • 4. <br /> At a special meeting of the Bogalusa School Board on <br /> Monday, June 11, 1990, Superintendent Sue W. Magee recommended <br /> that Mr. Magee be employed as the principal at Bogalusa High <br /> School. School Board member Gayle Jenkins made a motion approving <br /> this recommendation, with Mr. Young seconding the motion. At this <br /> point in the meeting some discussion ensued among the board <br /> members concerning the motion. During this discussion the issue <br /> of "nepotism" with respect to the promotion recommendation was <br /> raised. One board member challenged Mr. Young's vote "because you <br /> are not supposed to vote for immediate family . . . ." Another <br /> board member advised other school board members that "the law was <br /> changed." The motion to promote Mr. Magee to the principalship of <br /> 1 Ms. Magee is not related to Gary Magee. <br />