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Ethics Board Docket No.2022-051 <br /> Page 3 of 8 <br /> On or around August 16, 2019, LOHS issued check number 9190 to Mr. Doiron in the <br /> amount of$3,000.00 to pay for services he rendered in laying the foundation. The check was <br /> signed by the Assistant Principal of LOHS. Ms.Jones authorized the assistant principal to sign and <br /> issue the check. <br /> 8. <br /> The School Board issued a Form 1099 for the calendar year 2019 to Mr. Doiron reporting <br /> $3,450.00 in nonemployment compensation. <br /> 9. <br /> On or around September 4, 2019, Mr. Doiron submitted an invoice to LOHS requesting <br /> payment in the amount of$450.00 for moving building materials from the LOHS parking lot to a <br /> remote area of campus. <br /> 10. <br /> On or around September 9, 2019, LOHS issued check number 9309 in the amount of <br /> $450.00 to Mr. Doiron. Ms. Jones signed the check. <br /> 11. <br /> In June and July of 2020,Mr. Doiron submitted a bid and was the lowest bidder on a project <br /> authorized by the Livingston Parish School Board to remove trees contiguous to the LOHS <br /> campus, to divert runoff rainwater from collecting onto the parking lot of the new baseball/softball <br /> complex ("Sports Complex"). The LOHS Athletic Director and baseball coach sought the advice <br /> of an engineer who recommended removing the tree line. Mr. Doiron cut down a line of trees, <br /> ground the stumps, removed the debris and dug a ditch to divert water that flowed after rains from <br /> a vacant piece of property contiguous to the LOHS campus. <br /> 12. <br />