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CN 1983-72
Opinion Type
Advisory Opinion
Docket Number
CN 1983-72
Parties Involved
Supervisors obtaining donations from employees to be served to others
Agency at Issue
Decision Date
Advisory opinion stating that supervisors soliciting from their employees donations of food to be served at a function attended by persons other than those employees may violate the Code of Ethics.
Ethics Subject Matters
Abuse of Office
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DATED: October 28, 1983
FILED: October 28, 1983 ADVISORY OPINION NO. 83 -72
RE: Request for an advisory opinion concerning the
legality of supervisors soliciting from their
employees donations of food to be served at a
function attended by persons other than those
The Commission has recently obtained information concerning
a luncheon held in connection with the dedication of a State building.
Most of the food served at this luncheon was supplied by employees of
that Department. The arrangements for this luncheon were made by a
group of the Department's supervisors. In order to assure that an
• adequate quantity and variety of food would be available at this
function, lists of foods to be supplied by the employees of the various
offices in the Department were distributed. The supervisors were told
to tell their employees that providing this food was purely voluntary.
In fact, although most employees did participate in supplying food,
many employees did not. Furthermore, not all of the requested items
were supplied, and in some cases employees brought items other than
those that were specified on the list given to their office. The
luncheon was attended both by the employees and by several hundred
other persons who were in attendance at the building's dedication.
The Commission takes notice of the fact that certain functions
such as staff birthday parties or parties in connection with holidays,
such as Christmas parties, are traditional and accepted office practices.