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Ethics Board Docket No.2022-251 <br /> Page 6 of 8 <br /> BY ORDER OF THE BOARD,this day of V u L , 2023. <br /> Absent & Did Not Participate <br /> V=osia�R. Ro As Very Rev. Josd I. Lavastida, <br /> Chman Vice Chairman <br /> /s/Anne P. Banos <br /> a -7614 <br /> Anne P. Banos &Jmi-IWINryant- <br /> Absent <br /> R �d i rtici[Jtrlct Participate <br /> � <br /> Paul H. Colomb Sarah Spruill Couvillon <br /> Absent IDa <br /> Mark A. Ellis Obert W. Grand <br /> William Grimle qqueline A. Scott <br />