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STATE OF LOUISIANA <br /> ti ° DEPARTMENT OF STATE CIVIL SERVICE <br /> ; .;\ COMMISSION ON ETHICS FOR PUBLIC EMPLOYEES <br /> ( ��""^Y /% BOARD OF ETHICS FOR ELECTED OFFICIALS <br /> " THE SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE FOR CAMPAIGN FINANCE <br /> ... 7434 PERKINS ROAD -SUITE B <br /> BATON ROUGE, LA 70808 -4379 <br /> • <br /> (504) 765-2308 <br /> TDD 1- 800 - 346 -5277 <br /> December 22, 1993 <br /> Mr. Danatus N. King <br /> 5730 Franklin Ave. <br /> New Orleans, LA 70122 <br /> RE: Ethics Board Docket No 93 -148 <br /> Dear Mr. King: <br /> At its December 16, 1993 meeting, the Board of Ethics for Elected <br /> Officials, acting as the Supervisory Committee on Campaign Finance <br /> Disclosure, considered your request for an advisory opinion <br /> concerning the propriety of a candidate hiring himself, or a <br /> relative, as a campaign manager or in some other capacity in that <br /> candidate's campaign. In considering your request, the Board <br /> reviewed the provisions of R.S. 18:1505.2I which provide that <br /> campaign funds "shall not be used, loaned, or pledged by any <br /> 0 person for any personal use unrelated to a political campaign ". <br /> That statute goes on to state that "funds may be used to reimburse <br /> the candidate for expenses related to his political campaign" <br /> Based upon the above cited provisions, and the community property <br /> law in Louisiana, the Board concluded, and instructed me to inform <br /> you, that a candidate may not hire himself, his spouse, or a minor <br /> child to be compensated with campaign funds. The Board further <br /> ruled that there is no prohibition against a candidate hiring <br /> other members of his family so long as those family members <br /> provide bona fide services to the campaign. <br /> If you have any further questions please call me at (504) <br /> 765 -2308. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> BOARD OF ETHICS <br /> FOR ELECTED OFFICIALS <br /> � ' > <br /> Maris LeBlanc McCrory <br /> For the Board <br /> • BD:MLN:cry <br /> AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER 3i> 13 <br />