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CN 1993-225 ‎(2)‎
Opinion Type
Advisory Opinion
Docket Number
CN 1993-225
Parties Involved
George Dyer
Agency at Issue
Fire Apparatus Specialties, Inc.
Decision Date
Assistant Fire Chief of a fire district violated the code by selling fire equipment to the fire district.
Ethics Subject Matters
Prohibited Sources
Outside Employment
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Ethics Commission
Opinion No. 93 -225
Page 2
• time when George Dyer, owner of 40% interest in
FAS, served as Assistant Fire Chief.
That FAS may have violated Section 1117 of the
Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics (La. R.S.
42:1117) by virtue of compensation paid to George
Dyer, Assistant Fire Chief for the Third District
Volunteer Fire Department, at a time when FAS was
selling goods and services to the Third District
Volunteer Fire Department.
On the basis of the testimony and evidence presented by
counsel for the Commission, George Dyer and FAS, the Commission
now makes the following essential:
George Dyer owns 40% of Fire Apparatus Specialties, Inc.
and serves as a member of the board of directors and president of
the company. His wife owns an additional 20% of the company. FAS
services, sells and maintains fire - fighting equipment.
George Dyer and his wife are compensated employees of FAS,
receiving bi- weekly paychecks from the company as well as year -end
bonuses if funds are available. Mr. Dyer is the only salesperson
for FAS.
The Third District Volunteer Fire Department ( "TDVFD ") is a
corporation for which George Dyer serves as Assistant Fire Chief.
The Assistant Fire Chief is on 24 -hour call, including evenings
and holidays. In his capacity as Assistant Fire Chief, he
V ys