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CN 1993-225 ‎(2)‎
Opinion Type
Advisory Opinion
Docket Number
CN 1993-225
Parties Involved
George Dyer
Agency at Issue
Fire Apparatus Specialties, Inc.
Decision Date
Assistant Fire Chief of a fire district violated the code by selling fire equipment to the fire district.
Ethics Subject Matters
Prohibited Sources
Outside Employment
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Ethics Commission
Opinion No. 93 -225
Page 3
• received no wages or salaries. However, he did receive the use of
an automobile for which insurance coverage, fuel and maintenance
were, for the most part, paid by the TDVFD. There were no written
or published restrictions on his use of this automobile, and it
was equipped with a public license tag. No person authorized the
use of a TDVFD vehicle may take it out of town on a personal
George Dyer has been involved with the fire department for
about thirty -two (32) years and has served as Assistant Fire Chief
since June of 1992. He joined the TDVFD as a firefighter at the
minimum age of seventeen years. George Dyer was in privileged
• status with the TDVFD from 1982 until 1992. Privileged status
means that he became a non - voting member of the department
although he continued to pay dues to the TDVFD. George Dyer
returned to active membership with the TDVFD in 1992.
George Dyer has served in numerous positions with the
TDVFD, up to and including Assistant Fire Chief.
The Assistant Fire Chief is second in command of the
department to the Fire Chief at all fires and drills. He assists
the fire chief in the discharge of all duties and, in his absence,
assumes command.
On July 16, 1987 the TDVFD and the Fire Protection District
No. 3 for Jefferson Parish through the Jefferson Parish Council