Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I remove the LEADERS program?

  1. From the "Start menu," select "Programs/Louisiana Applications/Uninstall LEADERS."
    • If you get an error message when you attempt to remove LEADERS, go to "Start/Run" and copy the following command into the "Open:" field:
    • C:\WINDOWS\iun3405.exe c:\leaders\
  2. When the "Confirm action" box appears, answer "Yes."
  3. The "Remove programs..." box will indicate the progress of your uninstall. (Click "Close" when Uninstall is complete.)
  4. Your data directories and backup files should have been left intact.
    • You may now reinstall a new version of LEADERS to those directories.
    • If you are removing LEADERS from this computer you will need to delete your data using the Windows Explorer. (If, for some reason, your data is not there you can restore it from the backup file you copied to diskette, after you install the new version of LEADERS.)