Laws Administered by the Louisiana Board of Ethics

2016 Presentation of the Laws Associated with Lobbying Disclosure Acts 2/17/2017 Contains information on: The Lobbyist Disclosure Acts, Details on Executive and Legislative Lobbying, The Responsibilities of a Registered Lobbyist, Penalties for Non-Compliance, Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics, LSA-R.S. 42:1115 - Gifts, Prohibited Sources, Things of Economic Value, LSA-R.S. 42:1111 - Prohibited Income, Campaign Lobbying
Title 52, Board of Ethics Administrative Rules 10/31/2016 Rules for the Board of Ethics and Supervisory Committee of the Louisiana Campaign Finance Disclosure Act. Last updated 10/31/2016. BoardOfEthics
Campaign Finance Disclosure Act 12/16/2015 Campaign Finance (Title 18) in pdf format. Updated March 2015. CampaignFinance
Code of Governmental Ethics 12/16/2015 The Code of Governmental Ethics (Title 42) in pdf format. Updated March 2015. General
Executive Branch Lobbying Laws 12/16/2015 Executive Branch Lobbyist Disclosure Act (Title 49) in pdf format. Updated March 2015. Lobbying
Legislative Branch Lobbying Laws 12/16/2015 Legislative Branch Lobbyist Disclosure Act (Title 24) in pdf format. Updated March 2015. Lobbying
Local Lobbying Laws 12/16/2015 Lobbying Local Government (Title 33, Chapter 46) in pdf format. Updated March 2015. Lobbying
Code of Governmental Ethics (Summary) 1/7/2015 Revision posted 9/4/2015 General
CF Expenditure Flyer 1/6/2015 Informational publication regarding Campaign Finance Expenditures CampaignFinance
Interested in Becoming a Candidate 1/6/2015 Informational publication including a few things you should know when becoming a candidate. CampaignFinance
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