2019 Lobbying Expenditure Report
Filing Schedule for Registered Lobbbyists
Pursuant to R.S. 42:1157 - Failure to timely register or file any expenditure report will result in a penalty of fifty ($50) dollars per day being assessed, until receipt of the report by the Board.
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PeriodDeadlineBegin Date of Reporting PeriodEnd Date of Reporting Period
January 2019February 25, 20191/1/20191/31/2019
February 2019March 25, 20192/1/20192/28/2019
March 2019April 25, 20193/1/20193/31/2019
April 2019May 28, 20194/1/20194/30/2019
May 2019June 25, 20195/1/20195/31/2019
June 2019July 25, 20196/1/20196/30/2019
July 2019August 26, 20197/1/20197/31/2019
August 2019September 25, 20198/1/20198/31/2019
September 2019October 25, 20199/1/20199/30/2019
October 2019November 25, 201910/1/201910/31/2019
November 2019December 27, 201911/1/201911/30/2019
December 2019January 27, 202012/1/201912/31/2019

NOTE: All lobbying reports are due on or before the 25th of each month pursuant to La. R.S. 24:55B, 49:76B, and 33:9666B unless noted otherwise. The due dates above reflect the exact due date when the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday. (Example: The February 2012 report will be due on March 26th because the 25th falls on the weekend.)

If you register on any date during a reporting period, then your first lobbying expenditure report will be for that reporting period. (Example: If you register on the last day in June, your first lobbying report is due for the month of June. If you terminate on any date during a reporting period, then your final lobbying expenditure report will be for that period. (Example: If you terminate on October 14, 2012 your final report will be for the month of October 2012 and will be due on November 26, 2012.)