Electronically Filed Reports for Political Action Committee:
Alliance for Constitutional Integrity
 This PAC is not registered for the current calendar year and was last registered in 2018.
Document FiledElection DateReport NumberFrom DateTo DateFiled Date
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-83682 (pdf) (19011705) 10/1/201910/31/201911/11/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-81286 (pdf) (19009242) 9/1/20199/30/201910/9/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-78016 (pdf) (19005571) 8/1/20198/31/20199/6/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-77570 (pdf) (19004614) 7/1/20197/31/20198/2/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-77280 (pdf) (19004351) 6/1/20196/30/20197/8/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-76996 (pdf) (19004099) 5/1/20195/31/20196/4/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-76957 (pdf) (19004030) 4/1/20194/30/20195/14/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-76582 (pdf) (19003656) 3/1/20193/31/20194/10/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-76170 (pdf) (19003235) 2/1/20192/28/20193/11/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-74687 (pdf) (19001588) 1/1/20191/31/20192/8/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-73558 (pdf) (19000247) 12/1/201812/31/20181/10/2019
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-73150 (pdf) (18008328) 11/10/201811/30/201812/7/2018
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-72537 (pdf) (18007167) 10/11/201811/9/201811/8/2018
F202  (MON) Monthly LA-71834 (pdf) (18005672) 9/24/201810/10/201810/10/2018
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