Persons who contributed to James Caldwell within one year of appointment.

La. R.S. 42:1158A(2) states that the Board of Ethics Computerized Data Management System provide a person viewing campaign finance reports (those that are filed electronically by a candidate pursuant to R.S. 18:1485) with a link to all reports filed pursuant to R.S. 42:1124.6. 

La. R.S. 42:1124.6A requires persons who are directly employed by a statewide elected official to serve as an agency head, and persons who are appointed to a state board or commission and made a contribution or loan in excess of one thousand dollars to a campaign of the official within one year of the employment or appointment (and who are subject to annual financial statements as required by R.S. 42:1124) shall disclose to the Board of Ethics the date of the employment or appointment; the salary or compensation received; the name of the candidate to whom the contribution or loan was made; and the amount of any such contribution or loan.  Each such person shall include the information required by this Subsection on the annual personal financial disclosure statement that is required by this Part.

Contributor NameReport TypeDate FiledLink to Report
Charles H. Chatelain2010 Personal Financial Disclosure5/13/2011 View Report
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